Cocoa Bars

(Ready in about 35 Minutes | Servings 8 Persons) 

Butter, 1, cup, Melted 
Eggs, 4, Whisked 
Vanilla extract, 1, tsp. 
White flour, 1, cup 
Sugar, 1, and ½, cups 
Chocolate, 4, ounces, Chopped 
Cocoa powder, 1, tbsp. 
Cooking spray

Mix all the ingredients in a bowl except for cooking spray. 
Place the reversible rack in the machine. 
Put the cake pan inside it covered with the cooking spray. 
Add some cocoa to the mixture when inside the machine and mix. 
Bake for 25 minutes on 350 degrees F by setting the machine on baking mode. 
Cut it into the bars and serve when cooled down.

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